How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Outbound Sales

08 November 2023

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Outbound Sales

In the digital age, outbound sales have transformed significantly. Traditional methods of cold calling and mass emailing have been replaced by more sophisticated and targeted approaches. One such tool that has revolutionized outbound sales is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This powerful tool allows sales professionals to find, engage, and build relationships with prospects and leads on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network.

But how exactly do you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for outbound sales? This guide will walk you through the process, from setting up your account to leveraging advanced features for maximum results.

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account

Before you can start using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you need to set up your account. This involves choosing the right subscription, setting up your sales preferences, and importing your contacts.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three subscription levels: Professional, Team, and Enterprise. The Professional level is ideal for individuals, while the Team and Enterprise levels are designed for sales teams and large organizations, respectively. Each level offers a range of features, including advanced search, lead recommendations, and InMail messages.

Once you've chosen your subscription, you'll need to set up your sales preferences. These preferences help LinkedIn Sales Navigator understand what kind of leads and accounts you're interested in. You can set preferences for industry, company size, job function, and more.

Finally, you'll need to import your contacts. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can import contacts from a variety of sources, including your LinkedIn connections, your email contacts, and your CRM system. Importing your contacts allows you to see which of your contacts are on LinkedIn, and helps you find new leads and accounts.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

Once your account is set up, you can start using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation. This involves using the tool's advanced search features, lead recommendations, and saved leads.

The advanced search feature allows you to find leads based on a variety of criteria, including industry, company size, job function, and more. You can also use Boolean logic to refine your search results. For example, you could search for "VP Sales OR Director Sales" to find leads who hold either of these titles.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides lead recommendations. These recommendations are based on your sales preferences and your activity on LinkedIn. For example, if you frequently interact with people in the software industry, LinkedIn Sales Navigator might recommend leads in this industry.

Finally, you can save leads for future reference. When you save a lead, LinkedIn Sales Navigator will keep you updated on their activity, including job changes, shared connections, and recent posts. This can help you stay informed and engage with your leads in a meaningful way.

Engaging with Leads on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Engaging with leads is a crucial part of outbound sales, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers several tools to help you do this effectively. These include InMail messages, connection requests, and social selling.

InMail messages are a powerful way to reach out to leads. Unlike regular LinkedIn messages, InMail messages can be sent to anyone on LinkedIn, regardless of whether you're connected. This makes them an effective tool for reaching out to new leads.

Connection requests are another way to engage with leads. When you send a connection request, you can include a personalized message explaining why you want to connect. This can help you build a relationship with your lead and increase your chances of a positive response.

Social selling is a more indirect way of engaging with leads. This involves sharing valuable content, commenting on posts, and participating in discussions. By doing this, you can demonstrate your expertise, build your brand, and attract leads to you.

Tracking Your Success with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Finally, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides a range of tools to help you track your success. These include the Social Selling Index, performance metrics, and CRM integration.

The Social Selling Index (SSI) is a measure of how effectively you're using LinkedIn for social selling. It's based on four factors: establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. You can check your SSI at any time to see how you're doing and where you can improve.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides performance metrics, including InMail response rates, lead conversion rates, and deal sizes. These metrics can help you understand how well your outbound sales efforts are working, and where you can improve.

Finally, LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrates with a range of CRM systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This allows you to track your LinkedIn activities alongside your other sales activities, giving you a complete picture of your sales process.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for outbound sales. By setting up your account correctly, using the tool's advanced features for lead generation, engaging with leads effectively, and tracking your success, you can transform your outbound sales process and achieve better results.

Remember, outbound sales is not just about finding leads - it's about building relationships. By using LinkedIn Sales Navigator effectively, you can build meaningful relationships with your leads, and turn them into loyal customers.

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