The 6 Best LinkedIn CRM in 2023 [Comparison]

08 September 2022

LinkedIn CRM | Breakcold

Introduction: what is a LinkedIn CRM?

I see many people getting wrong what is a LinkedIn CRM so let's first give it a proper definition.

A LinkedIn CRM is a tool where you can:

  • manage your LinkedIn connections.
  • build relationships with them faster than usual.

A tool that integrates with a CRM is NOT a LinkedIn CRM, it's a LinkedIn CRM integration.

This curated CRM list provide you with 4 LinkedIn CRMs and 2 CRMs with LinkedIn integrations.

1°) Breakcold: the LinkedIn CRM to build relationships faster with prospects

LinkedIn CRM | Breakcold

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Differentiator features

Breakcold has 3 main differentiator features as a LinkedIn CRM.

1/ Social Selling Feed, aka a prospecting feed LinkedIn CRM Build B2B relationships | Breakcold

Regroup all your prospects activities on LinkedIn in one place. It's basically a huge boost in productivity.

You can like and comment LinkedIn posts in a productive way by organizing your prospects into different lists and tags.

It's also an excellent way to manage your LinkedIn 1st degree and 2nd degree connections.

2/ LinkedIn company news populate when you reach out a prospect

LinkedIn CRM Company News | Breakcold

When you decide to reach out a prospect, company news will populate for you to craft a hyper-personalized LinkedIn cold DM or cold email.

No need to open +100 tabs a day to know your prospects. That's what a LinkedIn CRM should be about.

3/ Outreach prospect in multi-channel

LinkedIn CRM Cold Email Cold DM | Breakcold

Send a cold email or a cold DM on LinkedIn easily from the social selling feed. Breakcold is really focus on saving time to be productive in your outreach.

Quick Breakdown

1/ Advantages:

  • reduce the sales cycle time by 50% minimum.
  • engage and contact LinkedIn prospects in one place without opening +1000 tabs a day
  • advanced LinkedIn CRM with a sales pipeline
  • built-in cold email sequences for sales automation on top of LinkedIn integrations

2/ Disadvantage:

  • no possibilities to delete LinkedIn connections from Breakcold

Pricing: Free to $49/month

LinkedIn CRM Breakcold Pricing | Breakcold

1/ Free plan

  • unlimited access to features but limited to 20 prospects per month.

2/ $49/month plan

  • social selling feed
  • LinkedIn CRM
  • unlimited cold email campaigns

2°) Leaddelta: the LinkedIn CRM to manage easily LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn CRM Leaddelta | Breakcold

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Differentiator features

Leaddelta has 2 main differentiator features as a LinkedIn CRM.

1/ Managing LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn CRM LinkedIn Connections | Breakcold

Leaddelta is a perfect LinkedIn CRM, you can easily delete your LinkedIn connections in bulk or assign tags to them.

2/ LinkedIn Inbox

LinkedIn CRM Inbox | Breakcold

Let's be honest, LinkedIn's native inbox sucks. Therefore, social selling on this platform is really painful!

Problem solved with Leaddelta inbox, it's a superpower to have as a true LinkedIn CRM.

Quick Breakdown

1/ Advantages

  • one of the best LinkedIn crm out there
  • shines for connections / LinkedIn contact management
  • amazing inbox to talk with prospects on LinkedIn

2/ Disadvantages

  • no social selling features
  • no sales pipeline

Pricing: $24.99/month

LinkedIn CRM Leaddelta Pricing | Breakcold

  • 16.66 per month, billed annually.
  • 24.99 per month, billed monthly.

3°) LinkedIn Sales Navigator: the traditional LinkedIn CRM

LinkedIn CRM Sales Navigator | Breakcold

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Differentiator features

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has 2 main differentiator features as a LinkedIn CRM.

1/ Finding prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn CRM Search | Breakcold

LinkedIn has a huge B2B database and is right now the heart of social selling.

Their bread and butter is their sales intelligence tool: LinkedIn Sales Navigator whee you can search for millions of prospects.

2/ Put prospects into lists

LinkedIn CRM List | Breakcold

Organize the LinkedIn prospects you've found into different lists to build effective sales prospecting strategies.

Quick Breakdown

1/ Advantage

  • the most complete B2B database that can be directly your LinkedIn CRM
  • it also integrates with others CRMs

2/ Disadvantage

  • you don't have the B2B email addresses of your prospects

Pricing: $99 to $149/month

  • Sales Navigator Core (Professional): $99/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced (Team): $149/month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus (Enterprise): starts at $1600/year

LinkedIn CRM Software | Breakcold

4°) Taplio: the LinkedIn CRM to grow an audience on LinkedIn

LinkedIn CRM Taplio | Breakcold

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Differentiator features

Taplio has 2 main differentiator features in the social selling market.

2/ Effective LinkedIn CRM

Social Selling Software LinkedIn CRM | Breakcold

Easily import prospects from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator inside Taplio to start building relationships.

3/ LinkedIn bulk direct messages

LinkedIn CRM Bulk Messages | Breakcold

LinkedIn automation is not the best, but sending bulk DMs is less/not dangerous for your LinkedIn account. That's why Taplio users appreciate this feature.

Every LinkedIn CRMs should have this!

Quick Breakdown

1/ Advantages

  • good linkedin crm
  • lead magnet features

2/ Disadvantages

  • first a scheduling tool
  • expensive if you only use it for the LinkedIn CRM part of the product.

Pricing: $39/month

LinkedIn CRM Taplio Pricing | Breakcold

Simple pricing, hands down to the team!

5°) Leadjet: the LinkedIn CRM integration to save time on manual data entry

LinkedIn CRM Leadjet | Breakcold

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Differentiator features

Leadjet has 3 main differentiator features in the social selling market.

1/ Add LinkedIn prospects to your CRM natively from LinkedIn

LinkedIn CRM Add to CRM | Breakcold

Leadjet will modify the UI/UX of LinkedIn a bit for you to easily add prospects to your CRM natively from LinkedIn, a game changer!

1/ Synchronize LinkedIn conversations automatically to your CRM

LinkedIn CRM Integration | Breakcold

Say goodbye to manual data entries when it comes to LinkedIn with Leadjet.

Quick Breakdown

1/ Advantages

  • no manual data entries in your CRM anymore
  • connect with many CRMs

2/ Disadvantage

  • not a LinkedIn CRM per se

Pricing: Free to $69/month per user

LinkedIn CRM Leadjet Pricing | Breakcold

Leadjet pricing is well thought, really affordable LinkedIn CRM integration tool for any kind of companies in my opinion.

6°) NetHunt CRM: the CRM with LinkedIn integrations

LinkedIn CRM NetHunt | Breakcold

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Differentiator features

NetHunt has 1 main differentiator feature as a LinkedIn CRM integration.

1/ Synchronization with LinkedIn messages & new contact to CRM

Similar to Leadjet, NetHunt CRM allows its

Quick Breakdown

1/ Advantages

  • is actually a CRM with LinkedIn CRM integrations compare to Leadjet
  • also integrates with Gmail / Gsuite

2/ Disadvantages

  • not focus enough on the building relationships part of what a LinkedIn CRM should be

Pricing: $30 to $120/month per user

LinkedIn CRM Pricing | Breakcold

NetHunt CRM can become quickly expensive if you have a big team but it's definitely worth it!

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