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Save +10 hours per week with sales automation
Automate your cold email workflow and save time with follow-up emails and much more.
Increase replies with personalization
Personalize your emails according to your prospect's website or LinkedIn profile.
Protect your email deliverability
Never land into spam with our email verifier and custom settings.

How it works

Step 1: import leads, then personalize your first lines

Build quick personalized first lines across +50 data points from a LinkedIn URL or Website URL.

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Step 2: prepare follow-ups with your email assistant

Improve your email copy with Breakcold's AI email assistant. Stand out from the crowd and write emails that get replies.

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Step 3: enjoy your boost in email reply rate

Track the results of your cold email campaigns and enjoy the boost in results thanks to personalized first lines created by Breakcold.

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Step 4: Help us build the future of cold email outreach

Join our community, learn from others, share your tips and let's grow all together to improve the cold email outreach experience.

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Everything you need to step up your cold email game

Core features

Sales Automation

From follow-up emails to email personalization at scale, save time with a powerful cold outreach software.

Sales Assistant

First lines generated by AI, our sales assistant helps you work 5x faster to get replies.

Sales Deliverability

Custom settings and email verifier to say goodbye to spam.


Increase revenues with cold emails

Cold emails are extremely powerful to increase revenues. Yet, they are underused by most individuals, startups or agencies. Breakcold helps you reach your goal on autopilot.

Breakcold Q&A

Common asked questions about cold emails

Is cold email illegal?

Cold email is not illegal. As long as you target B2B, everthing is good.

It is legal in the vast majority of countries. Long story short, as long as you have 'legitimate' interest to do business with a prospect and that this prospect can benefit from your service, you're good to go. Rare countries such as Denmark prohibits cold emails under local law, but even here the law is unclear/broad and contains many loopholes. Consequently, cold email is not illegal.

How much money can I make with cold emails?

It depends on what is your product or service. Basically, if you are an agency or a startup with pricy subscriptions plans, the ROI of cold emails is phenomenal. If mastered, some businesses are able to go from $0 to $10K/month within 60 days or increase MRR a lot.

I know nothing about cold emails, would you help me step up my game?

Yes, Breakcold provides you video tutorials to step up your cold email game as well as training on how to maximize the use of our software.

Is cold email GDPR compliant?

Yes, GDPR doesn't prohibit cold emails. You need to follow some best practices though such as adding an unsubscribe link to your cold emails. However, as cold emails replicate human sendings, you can avoid to add an unsubscribe link.

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