How to Create Engaging LinkedIn Feed Carousels

08 November 2023

How to Create Engaging LinkedIn Feed Carousels

In the digital age, LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform for professionals to network, share ideas, and showcase their expertise. One of the features that has gained significant popularity is the LinkedIn Feed Carousel. This feature allows users to share multiple images or slides within a single post, creating a more engaging and interactive experience for their audience. In this guide, we will delve into the process of creating compelling LinkedIn Feed Carousels that can captivate your audience and enhance your LinkedIn presence.

Understanding LinkedIn Feed Carousels

Before we delve into the creation process, it's crucial to understand what LinkedIn Feed Carousels are and why they are beneficial. LinkedIn Feed Carousels are a type of post that allows users to share multiple images or slides within a single post. This feature can be used to share a series of related images, present a step-by-step guide, or tell a story in a visually engaging manner.

LinkedIn Feed Carousels can be highly beneficial for your LinkedIn presence. They can help you to present complex information in a digestible format, engage your audience with interactive content, and stand out in the LinkedIn feed. Moreover, they can provide a platform to showcase your creativity and expertise, helping you to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Creating Engaging LinkedIn Feed Carousels

Now that we have understood the importance of LinkedIn Feed Carousels, let's delve into the process of creating them. The process involves several steps, including planning your carousel, designing the slides, and posting the carousel on LinkedIn.

The first step in creating a LinkedIn Feed Carousel is planning. This involves deciding the purpose of your carousel, the message you want to convey, and the structure of your carousel. It's crucial to have a clear purpose and message for your carousel, as this will guide the design process and help you to create a cohesive and engaging carousel.

You should also plan the structure of your carousel. A typical carousel consists of 10 slides, but you can choose to have fewer or more slides depending on your content. It's important to ensure that each slide contributes to your overall message and that the slides flow smoothly from one to the next.

Designing the Slides

Once you have planned your carousel, the next step is to design the slides. This involves choosing the right images, colors, and fonts, and arranging these elements in a visually appealing manner. It's important to maintain consistency in your design, as this can enhance the visual appeal of your carousel and make it easier for your audience to follow.

When designing your slides, you should also consider the principles of visual hierarchy. This involves arranging elements in a way that guides the viewer's eye and emphasizes the most important information. For example, you can use larger fonts or brighter colors to highlight key points, and use whitespace to separate different elements and improve readability.

Once you have designed your slides, the final step is to post the carousel on LinkedIn. To do this, you need to create a new post, upload your slides, and write a caption for your post. The caption should provide context for your carousel and encourage your audience to engage with your post.

When posting your carousel, you should also consider the best time to post. Posting at a time when your audience is most active can increase the visibility of your post and improve engagement. You can use LinkedIn analytics to find out when your audience is most active and schedule your post accordingly.

Enhancing Engagement with LinkedIn Feed Carousels

Creating a LinkedIn Feed Carousel is just the first step. To truly leverage the power of this feature, you need to focus on enhancing engagement. This involves creating compelling content, promoting interaction, and analyzing your performance.

Creating Compelling Content

The key to enhancing engagement with LinkedIn Feed Carousels is to create compelling content. This involves creating content that is relevant, valuable, and interesting to your audience. You should aim to provide insights, share expertise, or tell a story that resonates with your audience. The more compelling your content, the more likely your audience is to engage with your carousel.

It's also important to keep your content concise and digestible. While LinkedIn Feed Carousels allow you to share multiple slides, you should avoid overwhelming your audience with too much information. Instead, focus on presenting your information in a clear and concise manner, using visuals to enhance understanding and engagement.

Promoting Interaction

Another way to enhance engagement with LinkedIn Feed Carousels is to promote interaction. This involves encouraging your audience to engage with your carousel, for example, by asking questions, soliciting feedback, or prompting discussions. Encouraging interaction can not only increase engagement, but also foster a sense of community and build relationships with your audience.

When promoting interaction, it's important to respond to comments and engage in discussions. This can show your audience that you value their input and are interested in their thoughts and opinions. It can also provide you with valuable insights into your audience's needs and interests, helping you to create more relevant and engaging content in the future.

Analyzing Your Performance

Finally, to enhance engagement with LinkedIn Feed Carousels, you should analyze your performance. This involves tracking your engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, and using these metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your carousels. Analyzing your performance can provide you with valuable insights into what works and what doesn't, helping you to improve your carousels and increase engagement.

LinkedIn provides a range of analytics tools that you can use to track your performance. These tools can provide you with detailed insights into your engagement metrics, audience demographics, and more. By leveraging these tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience and create more effective LinkedIn Feed Carousels.


LinkedIn Feed Carousels are a powerful tool for enhancing your LinkedIn presence and engaging your audience. By planning your carousel, designing compelling slides, and focusing on enhancing engagement, you can create LinkedIn Feed Carousels that captivate your audience and showcase your expertise.

Remember, the key to success with LinkedIn Feed Carousels is to create compelling content, promote interaction, and analyze your performance. By doing so, you can leverage the power of LinkedIn Feed Carousels to build your personal brand and achieve your LinkedIn goals.

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