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Chat is not working, how do I contact you?

You can contact us at - you'll usually get a reply within 1-2 business working days depending on the complexity of your issue.

Why isn't my feed refreshing?

The primary reason your feed may not be refreshing is because you are not tracking any leads. To start tracking a lead, select the lead and click "Start Tracking."

Another reason your feed might not be refreshing could be due to your LinkedIn account not being successfully synchronized. Please go to your account settings to ensure that everything is correctly set up.

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The "BR SYNC" is not showing

Please ensure that:

  1. You have the Chrome extension installed and updated to the latest version.

  2. You are logged into the Chrome extension.

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Why is my feed refreshing slowly?

The slow refresh rate of your feed may be due to the number of leads you are tracking. We recommend tracking approximately 100-200 leads. Tracking more than this can decrease the refresh speed of your feed.

Another factor could be the activity level of your tracked leads. If the leads you are tracking are not active enough, it may seem like your feed is not refreshing regularly.

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LinkedIn account is always disconnecting

Here are some tips to prevent your LinkedIn account from frequently disconnecting:

  1. Avoid Using Multiple Automation Tools: Utilizing several tools for LinkedIn can cause your sessions to expire more quickly.

  1. Visit Regularly: Regular activity on the website can help maintain your connection.

  2. Limit Device Usage: Try not to log in from too many different devices, as this can lead to disconnections.

  3. Avoid Using VPNs: VPNs can sometimes cause connectivity issues with LinkedIn.

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Chrome Extension Not Installed" Error, But It Is Installed—What Should I Do?

Open the Chrome extension and ensure that you have selected the correct workspace within the extension. This verification can help resolve any discrepancies causing the error.

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Email Campaigns Keep Pausing

There are three reasons why a campaign may be automatically paused:

  1. Exhaustion of Leads: Your campaign has no more leads to contact.

  2. Connection/Credential Issues: There is a problem with the connection or credentials of one of the email accounts used in the campaign.

  3. Payment Issues: The most recent payment for your subscription has failed.

My Emails Are Not Sending

Ensure that your email account is properly connected. For Microsoft users, please verify that SMTP is enabled on your account.

I Don’t See My Custom Variables After Importing My CSV

By default, custom variables imported via a CSV file are hidden. To make them visible, go to a person’s profile and look for a button labeled "Visible Fields" at the bottom left of your screen. Click on this button to view all your imported fields.

How Can I Activate SMTP on My Microsoft/Outlook Account?

For detailed instructions on how to activate SMTP for your Microsoft/Outlook account, please refer to the official Microsoft documentation. You can access it through the following link:

Activate SMTP - Microsoft Documentation

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