56 Cold Email Tips [ACTIONABLE in 2023]

19 September 2022

Cold Email Tips | Breakcold


Cold emails still work in 2022, yet many people struggle to get replies and some success with it.

This is our 56 actionable cold email tips for 2022.

Cold Email General tips

These tips mainly talk about targeting and email follow ups.

Cold Email tip 1

Use Breakcold for you cold email outreach.

Cold Email tip 2

Knowing your ICP is the most important factor for good cold email results, work on it first.

Cold Email tip 3

If you have a high open rate and a very low reply rate (below 2%), work on your offer and ICP.

Cold Email tip 4

Combine cold email outreach with social selling to multiply results.

Cold Email tip 5

Use a cold email software for inbound instead of outbound to increase your email deliverability on important messages.

Cold Email tip 6

Always send a minimum of 3 follow up emails in your cold email sequence.

Cold Email tip 7

If you don't get replies with cold emails, don't give up on a prospect and reach out to them with LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Cold Email tip 8

Use a unified inbox if you send cold emails at scale.

Cold Email tip 9

Try to expose your prospects to your content through Twitter or LinkedIn before cold emailing them.

Cold Email tip 10

Use email rotation (also known as inbox rotation) if you want to send cold emails at scale.

Cold Email tip 11

Give value in each of your follow up emails.

Cold Email tip 12

Put an unsubscribe link in your cold emails if you want to be GDPR friendly or do tip #1.

Cold Email tip 13

Use a PS line to inform your prospect that he/she can unsubscribe to your cold email sequence.

Cold Email tip 14

Send at least 10,000 cold emails before saying cold email doesn't work.

Cold Email tip 15

Niche down your targeting to increase replies.

Cold Email tip 16

Get inspired with cold email templates but adapt them to your offer and persona.

Cold Email tip 17

Target people that are under solicited by using tools that scrape Twitter followers.

Cold Email tip 18

If you have a better offer, target your offer using a sales tool called BuiltWith or Apollo.

Cold Email tip 19

If you didn't get a no, resend the same cold email sequence 6 months later.

Cold Email Deliverability tips

Email deliverability is key in cold emailing. What's the point of sending cold emails if you land into the spam folder right?

Cold Email tip 20

If you have an open rate below 40%, work on your email deliverability.

Cold Email tip 21

Set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC to increase chances to land in the primary inbox of your recipient.

Cold Email tip 22

Set up Custom Domain Tracking to track your open rate with your own invisible pixel.

Cold Email tip 23

Use Email Warm Up to increase your cold email deliverability.

Cold Email tip 24

Put your sending domain into email warm up mode for at least 14 to 21 days before sending any cold emails.

Cold Email tip 25

Always let your email warm up running before, during and after your cold email outreach.

Cold Email tip 26

Send a maximum of 50 (30 ideally) cold emails per day per sending email domain.

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Cold Email tip 27

Always use a secondary domain dedicated to cold emailing.

Cold Email tip 28

Choose an extension that is common on the internet for your dedicated cold email domain (.com, .io but not .xy for example).

Cold Email tip 29

Use 1 sending email address per sending domains, don't use aliases (maximum 2).

Cold Email tip 30

Make sure that your prospecting lists only include valid B2B email addresses to avoid bounced emails.

Cold Email tip 31

Avoid the use of spam words to land into the primary inbox.

Cold Email tip 32

Remove links from your signature to improve email deliverability.

Cold Email tip 33

Remove every HTML structure from your cold emails.

Cold Email tip 34

Only use images or loom videos in your cold emails if you know they'll get clicks.

Cold Email Personalization tips

Personalization is the component in cold emails that will get you more replies.

Cold Email tip 35

Use personalized email opening lines to boost your open rate up to +70%.

Cold Email tip 36

Send lower volumes with a better segmentation of your prospects.

Cold Email tip 37

Personalize at scale your cold emails by dividing prospects per geographical areas or industries.

Cold Email tip 38

Use a PS line to add some layer of personalization with a casual information about your prospect.

Cold Email tip 39

Use AI email icebreakers to speed up your personalization process.

Cold Email tip 40

Always take 1 hour to review the lines generated by AI with your VAs (virtual assistants), your sales team or yourself.

Cold Email tip 41

Use personalization points in your emails like {{firstName}}, {{company}} or {{city}}.

Cold Email tip 42

Add personalized loom videos to your cold emails to boost replies

Cold Email Copywriting tips

I think that's the part where people struggle the most, so here are some tips!

Cold Email tip 43

Always ask yourself if the email you're about to send will be opened and replied if you were the recipient.

Cold Email tip 44

Use short cold email subject lines that include the name or the company name of the prospect.

Cold Email tip 45

Start conversations with your cold emails by asking questions.

Cold Email tip 46

Use memes in follow up emails to get more replies by using humor.

Cold Email tip 47

Use an AI email assistant if you have problems with email copywriting.

Social Selling Software | Breakcold

Cold Email tip 48

Keep your cold emails short, below 75 words, ideally 50.

Cold Email tip 49

Be informal with your email copywriting by not using capital letters when you should too and vice versa.

Cold Email tip 50

Write cold emails that are readable at 5th grade reading level.

Cold Email tip 51

Don't make the cold email about yourself, make it about your prospects. Replace every I by you.

Cold Email tip for agency owners

Agency owners often have the same problems, below are my tips to help them.

Cold Email tip 52

Craft a unique offer, too many agencies do the same thing, you need to stand out.

Cold Email tip for sales representatives

SDRs & BDRs are not cold email experts compare to common beliefs so here are some tips for them!

Cold Email tip 53

Sales reps don't follow up enough, follow up until you get a yes or a no.

Cold Email tips for B2B SaaS (startup)

Cold Email tip 54

Use the bad review of your competitors on G2 or Capterra to craft original follow up emails.

B2B SaaS need to do things a bit differently when it comes to cold emailing.

Cold Email tip 55

Automatically push your positive replies to a social CRM to build relationships with prospects.

Cold Email tip 56

Automate your cold email workflow with Integromat or Zapier.


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