Cold Email vs Email Marketing

What is the difference between the two?

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A short breakdown

How cold email compare to email marketing

With email marketing, you send newsletter to your list of subscribers. On the opposite, with cold email you send emails to strangers in order to get clients, backlinks or network.

SMTP | Cold Email vs Email Marketing
With cold emails, you use your own SMTP and with Email Marketing you can use a third party one.
ROI | Cold Email vs Email Marketing
High ROI
Both email marketing and cold emails have a huge ROI. The average ROI of email marketing is 42 for $1 spend.
Easy to use | Breakcold
Easy to use
Both email marketing and cold emails are easy to use compare to other acquisition channels.

Cold Email for outbound

Cold email is suited for outbound.

This means than your objective is to turn 'cold' prospects who don't know about your product/service into leads, before eventually turning them into paying customers.

We also talk about 'warm' leads when you cold email a prospect that might have interacted with your content before.

Outbound | Cold Email vs Email Marketing

Email Marketing for inbound

Email marketing is suited for inbound.

This means than your objective is to turn 'warm' leads who signed up to your product or service into paying customers.

Email marketing is also use to send newsletters to a list without any intent of selling anything.


Less chances to go to spam with cold emails

With cold emails, you have less chances to fall into spam because you use your own SMTP server from you email provider.

With email marketing, you share your SMTP server with other people. If one of these people is spammy with his/her emails, it will affect your own deliverability. To prevent that, email marketing software offers you the possibility to set up your own smtp server for higher costs.

Deliverability | Cold Email vs Email Marketing
Cold Email vs Email Marketing Q&A

Common asked questions on cold email vs email marketing.

Can I send cold emails with an email marketing software?

In any way, don't use an email marketing software to send cold emails. You will have spam issues, it's not recommended and these softwares have not been designed for this use.

Can I use both cold email and email marketing softwares?

Yes, you can use a cold email software like Breakcold for you cold email outreach and an email marketing software like SendGrind for your email marketing.

Do you recommend any email marketing software?

At Breakcold, we're fan of the work done at Sendgrid, Flodesk but we personally use for precision.

Do you recommend any cold email softwares?

Shameless plug here, we do recommend our own software Breakcold :)

Softwares battle

Cold email first or email marketing first?

If you already have many clients coming organically, focus on improving your email marketing campaigns. If you don't have a lots of clients, focus on outbound and start cold emails now!

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