Automate your cold email outreach with follow-up emails.

Build cold email sequences to automate your sales prospecting

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Unlimited email sequences to reach your target

Build unlimited follow-up emails to reach your prospect. On average it takes between 4 to 6 follow-up emails to get a reply, don't waste that opportunity!

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Sequence stops when the lead replies

When you receive a reply from a lead / prospect, decide if you want your cold email sequence to stop or not.

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Send follow-ups in thread or as separate emails

Be creative by switch the style of your follow-up emails, either as a thread or as separate cold emails.

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Cold email must do

Why Follow-Up Emails are necessary?

This picture is worth a thousands words (Ryan Breslow is a billionaire).

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Common asked questions about Follow-Up Emails.

How many days can I put between each steps?

As many as you want.

Do you have some resources about follow-up emails?

Yes, you can check out our cold email guide.

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