44 Social Selling Tips [ACTIONABLE in 2022]

44 Social Selling Tips [ACTIONABLE in 2022]

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Not every type of sales prospecting tips can be applied to social selling. This is why I decided to build this list of social selling tips.

The 44 Social Selling tips:

The tips have been designed to be extremely actionable, hope you'll like it.

Social Selling tip 0

Use Breakcold for your social selling.

Social Selling tip 1

Engage with your prospects LinkedIn posts or tweets before reaching out.

Social Selling tip 2

Wait a few days before reaching out to a prospect once they accepted your LinkedIn request.

Social Selling tip 3

Build a LinkedIn Engagement list if you want to engage faster with your leads.

Social Selling tip 4

Work on your personal branding before starting any social selling.

Social Selling tip 5

Use memorable emojis in your name on social media to brand yourself.

Social Selling tip 6

Favor hyper-personalized messages in your social selling outreach.

Social Selling tip 7

Use a social selling tool to boost and track your results.

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Social Selling tip 8

Don't put a note in your LinkedIn invite request if you cannot hyper-personalize it.

Social Selling tip 9

Send a direct message to your prospects on Twitter with informations you saw about them on LinkedIn and vice-versa.

Social Selling tip 10

Use social selling to close leads and cold email to generate leads.

Social Selling tip 11

Engage with micro B2B influencers in your industry to increase the distribution power of your product or service.

Social Selling tip 12

If you are an SDR or BDR, do not pitch slap, be patient.

Social Selling tip 13

Use topic keywords in your tweets to amplify their reach.

Social Selling tip 14

Engage with your LinkedIn or Twitter feed before posting content.

Social Selling tip 15

Tweet 3 times a day and retweet these tweet to have a 24/24 presence.

Social Selling tip 16

Reply with every single one of your comments so they will see your content in first next time you post.

Social Selling tip 17

Prepare valuable content that you can transform in viral lead magnet LinkedIn / Twitter post.

Social Selling tip 18

Build a sales pipeline to stay organized in your social selling.

Social Selling tip 19

Warm up your LinkedIn account if you want to use LinkedIn automation tools.

Social Selling tip 20

Use Tweet Deck for social listening and to watch who is talking about your brand on Twitter.

Social Selling tip 21

Repurpose your blog articles into LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, Tik Tok videos, Youtube videos and Youtube Shorts.

Social Selling tip 22

Send lots of cold Twitter DMs every day, you are limited to 1000 per day.

Social Selling tip 23

Focus your LinkedIn prospecting in a specific geographical area if you care about network effect.

Social Selling tip 24

Use PS lines in your cold DMs to stand out from regular DMs.

Social Selling tip 25

Your LinkedIn profile is your second landing page, work on it.

Social Selling tip 26

Put call to actions (CTA) in your social media to multiply clicks on your website.

Social Selling tip 27

Use directories to find relevant B2B influencers in your niche instead of just scrolling on LinkedIn.

Social Selling tip 28

Once you've found a LinkedIn influencer, look at their activity section to discover other ones.

Social Selling tip 29

Find quality leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator filter about leads who recently posted on LinkedIn in the last 30 days.

Social Selling tip 30

The more you engage with potential customers, the more they see your posts. The more they see your posts, the more they might become paying customers.

Social Selling tip 31

Create multiple engagement time slots to build relationships with your prospects every day.

Social Selling tip 32

Spend 95% of your time working on the hook of your posts as it represents 95% of your post success.

Social Selling tip 33

Follow-up manually and with personalization if you want to multiply your reply rate.

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Social Selling tip 34

Expose your prospects to your content for a few days once they accepted your LinkedIn request.

Social Selling tip 35

Talk about yourself using storytelling in your posts to maximize profile views.

Social Selling tip 36

Never sell, start conversations.

Social Selling tip 37

Keep your LinkedIn outreach and Twitter outreach first message below 50 words.

Social Selling tip 38

Use advanced twitter search to find top performing tweets in your industry and potential prospects.

Social Selling tip 39

Use a twitter email extractor to get likes, comments, followers and following of a tweet and enrich the data with valid B2B email addresses.

Social Selling tip 40

Look at the following of top Twitter influencers to discover other ones.

Social Selling tip 41

Repurpose your Twitter threads into LinkedIn Carousels.

Social Selling tip 42

Work on a social selling strategy with your employees to all have the same personal branding.

Social Selling tip 43

Use a LinkedIn CRM and/or a Twitter CRM for your social selling.

Social Selling tip 44

Prepare in batches your social media post during weekends to focus on relationships building during the week.


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