Breakcold vs. Salesforce

Simple-to-use, unlimited team members, LinkedIn & Twitter integrations – at a similar pricing than Salesforce

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Breakcold, the alternative to Salesforce

Although Salesforce is the biggest sales CRM in the world, it doesn't have LinkedIn & Twitter integrations to build B2B relationships faster.

Social selling is on the rise and Salesforce is not taking part into it but Breakcold is and for that we created what we call a prospecting feed.


About Salesforce

Salesforce Story

Salesforce was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, a former Oracle executive.

Salesforce is making more than $30 billion in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). This represent more than 20% of the CRM market size.

Salesforce is arguably the precursor of CRM oriented for sales representatives.

Is Breakcold an alternative to Salesforce that's worth it?

Compare to Salesforce, Breakcold is not destined to enterprises. Breakcold is made for SMBs and early-stage startups.

Breakcold is one of the best alternative to Salesforce if you are small business and want to have a simple CRM to use.

Salesforce Pricing vs Breakcold Pricing

Salesforce can become expensive rapidly. Some companies are paying more than $40,000/year easily in Salesforce subscriptions. This is mainly due that Salesforce pricing is per user and that you need to pay many add-ons to make this work.

You won't have this kind of problems with Breakcold.

Try Breakcold!Ready to try an alternative to Salesforce?With this Salesforce alternative, Saif went from $1K/month to $20k/month