Breakcold vs. Monday Sales CRM

Simple-to-use, unlimited team members, LinkedIn & Twitter integrations – at a similar pricing than Monday Sales CRM

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Breakcold, the alternative to Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM is part of the gigantic Monday.com software.

Although Monday Sales CRM is a friendly CRM with a stellar UI/UX, it lacks of LinkedIn & Twitter integrations compare to Breakcold.


About Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM Story

Monday.com was founded in 2012 by by Roy Mann, Eran Kampf and Eran Zinman. They officially launched in 2014 and in 2018.

Monday Sales CRM arrived later in the suite of tools that Monday.com has.

Is Breakcold an alternative to Monday Sales CRM that's worth it?

Breakcold is more than a traditional sales CRM, it's a Social Selling CRM. Therefore, you'll be able to interact with warm and cold prospects via email but also via LinkedIn and Twitter which is not possible with Monday Sales CRM.

Monday Sales CRM Pricing vs Breakcold Pricing

The least expensive plan of Monday Sales CRM is at $10/month but to get similar features to Breakcold, you'll need at least the $24/month plan. The main benefit of Breakcold compare to Monday Sales CRM is that you won't have to pay per user.

Try Breakcold!Ready to try an alternative to Monday Sales CRM?With this Monday Sales CRM alternative, Saif went from $1K/month to $20k/month