Breakcold vs. Less Annoying CRM

Simple-to-use, unlimited team members, LinkedIn & Twitter integrations – at a similar pricing than Less Annoying CRM

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Breakcold, the alternative to Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is rated as the easiest to use CRM on G2. We've tried Less Annoying CRM in the past and it's a great CRM for SMBs.

However, Less Annoying CRM doesn't have Linkedin integrations like Breakcold does. Breakcold also has sales automation features.


About Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM Story

Less Annoying CRM was founded in 2009 by Bracken King and Tyler King, two brothers.

Since then, the company grew to more than $3 million in Annual Recurring Revenue. Less Annoying CRM, also called LACRM is a very effective CRM for small business owners.

Is Breakcold an alternative to Less Annoying CRM that's worth it?

Breakcold is designed not only to manage B2B relationships but also to engage with them through social media and to generate leads. If LinkedIn is something important for your business, then Breakcold is definitely worth it.

Less Annoying CRM Pricing vs Breakcold Pricing

Less Annoying CRM pricing is unbeatable, hands down. For $15 per month, you have a great CRM (without LinkedIn/Twitter integration like Breakcold does though). However, Less Annoying CRM pricing is per user so assuming you have more than 3 people in your team, Breakcold would be a great choice for more features.

Try Breakcold!Ready to try an alternative to Less Annoying CRM?With this Less Annoying CRM alternative, Saif went from $1K/month to $20k/month