Breakcold vs. LaGrowthMachine

Simple-to-use, unlimited team members, LinkedIn & Twitter integrations – at a similar pricing than LaGrowthMachine

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Breakcold, the alternative to LaGrowthMachine

Breakcold is the alternative to LaGrowthMachine if you're not a Growth Hacker. LaGrowthMachine is a fantastic product, arguably the best in its category but it's not for everyone. You need to be highly skillful to getting started with it, not with Breakcold.

Breakcold is simpler to use and more CRM oriented.


About LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine Story

LaGrowthMachine was founded in 2019 by Adrien Moreau Camard, Boris Tchangang and Brice Maurin.

The software was born in their sales prospecting agency: Deux.io.

LaGrowthMachine has been built by Growth Hackers for Growth Hackers. It's arguably the best product in its category.

Is Breakcold an alternative to LaGrowthMachine that's worth it?

Breakcold is leveraging data aggregation instead of automation to build stronger B2B relationships. This results with a sales pipeline acceleration, more revenues and retention.

LaGrowthMachine is a great tool to generate leads, but not for the next steps of the sales journey. It's not a CRM like Breakcold is as a Social Selling CRM.

LaGrowthMachine Pricing vs Breakcold Pricing

LaGrowthMachine is quite expensive but is actually cheap when you think about all the features it has, it's phenomenal. Breakcold on the other hand is half the price of LaGrowthMachine's base plan. It's designed for SMBs and early stage startups rather than enterprises.

Try Breakcold!Ready to try an alternative to LaGrowthMachine?With this LaGrowthMachine alternative, Saif went from $1K/month to $20k/month