Cold Email for Startups

Cold email for startups is key to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

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Cold Email for Startups | Breakcold
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Ideal for growth startup teams

Growth startup teams love using cold emails to foster growth. Objectives can vary from increasing MRR, networking, creating partnerships or getting backlinks.

MRR inbound | Cold Email for Startups
Increase MRR with outbound
Fill the calendar of your sales with demo calls that can results in a surge in MRR.
Get backlinks | Cold Email for Startups
Get backlinks to improve SEO
Create campaigns to get backlinks with blogs and startups in similar industries.
MRR outbound | Cold Email for Startups
Increase MRR with inbound
Use cold emails to avoid spam or promotions to build relationships with lost trial users.
Cold Email For Startups

Benefits loved by startup growth teams

All-in one solution for cold email

With Breakcold, enjoy the benefits of a fully fledge cold email sofwtare combined with personalized AI icebreakers. With our wamr up feature coming soon, handle the whole cold email journey of your startup from one place.

All-in-one | Cold Email for Startups

Unlimited team members

Add as many team members as you want. Ideal for startups with a big sales team who want to cooperate together in one or multiple workspaces. Full reports are soon available for VP of Sales or Head of Sales to distribute it to the team or CEO.

Add team members | Breakcold
Cold email Q&A for startups

Common asked questions by startups

How many emails can we send with Breakcold?

You can send unlimited emails with Breakcold. However we recommend to not go beyond 80 emails per day per email account for deliverability purposes.

Pros manage to push it to 250 emails per day per email account but with old and highly warmed email domains.

Can you do cold email outreach for us?

Yes, at Breakcold we're always trying to create stellar use cases for our users.

Therefore times to times, Breakcold puts its B2B lead generation agency hat on to do cold emails for some clients. You can visit this page to learn more about it:

Do you have an affiliate/referral program?

Yes, you can earn 30% per month on the recurring revenue brought.

You can learn more about it here.

Startups need cold emails

Cold emails for startups are underrated

Do you know that Converkit, a startup that today does almost $30,000,000 ARR got its first $20,000 MRR with cold emails as a main acquisition channel?

Cold emails are a good way to precise your ICP, build strong sales pitch and so much more!

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