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Arnaud and Matteo | Breakcold
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1/ We met during a hackathon we won

We met during a hackathon in 2020. We had the same philosophy of building a startup instead of taking a regular job.

Co-founders Match | Breakcold

2/ We quit our jobs to do SAAS 7/7 24/24

Arnaud said no to a $120 000 annual salary. Matteo said no to a $8K a month salary in freelance. We took a flat together to work 7/7.

Story co-founder | Breakcold

3/ We're here for the long term to grow MRR

We want our early adopters to root for us not for 1 month but for years. This is why we invest heavily in our interactive public roadmap. Help us in the beginning and get rewarded with a stellar product.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

4/ We're growing Breakcold with the Social Selling MAFIA

Join our community, learn from others, share your tips and let's grow all together to improve the cold email outreach experience.

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Just for fun

Common debates between us

Is Nico Rosberg a legend?

Arnaud thinks that Nico Rosberg is incredible because he beat both Michael Schumacker and Lewis Hamilton when the latter was in his prime. Matteo thinks Nico is a fraud.

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