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What is Quickmail?

Quickmail defines itself as a way to send personalized emails and follow-up automatically at scale while keeping high deliverability so you land in the inbox and start more conversations.

Quickmail was founded in 2014 by Jérémy Chatelaine.

Quickmail is operating worldwide but many of their clients come from Switzerland because of their Zurich roots.

Breakcold, the alternative to Quickmail

Like Quickmail, Breakcold has powerful cold email sequences but also has a strong sales pipeline and social selling features to build relationships faster with prospects.

Social Selling Company News in the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

An easy to use cold email software

Breakcold was originally a cold email software. Therefore you can create many cold email campaigns just like you could with Quickmail.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

A sales pipeline to manage leads

Turn cold and warm prospects into paying customers with a sales pipeline. Unlike Quickmail, you don't have to push your leads to your CRM. Everything is integrated within Breakcold.

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold

A better focus on personalization than Quickmail

With its personalized first lines, Breakcold users boost their open rate and reply rate to the moon! Really useful to save hours personalizing your outreach.

With Quickmail (and Breakcold), you can personalize your cold outreach at scale with the use of variables. However to go even beyon that, the use personalize first lines is essential to boost your open rate. Having your email opened is the first step before getting replies right?

Cold Email First Lines | Breakcold

An email assistant to help you write better

Unlike Quickmail, Breakcold has an email assistant to help you write a better cold email copy. Avoid the use of spam words with our spam checker and much more!

Instead of providing its users with an email assistant, Quickmail decided to focus on many cold email resources to help its users suceed.

Breakcold also provides cold email resources and 1-to-1 call to help you step your game. Breakcold also have the 'Cold Email Mafia' Facebook group to collect ideas and help you suceed with cold emails.

Spam Word Checker | Breakcold

A human-like email warm up similar to Quickmail

Compare to other email warm up services, Breakcold sends human like emails with its warm up tool. It's better to improve your email deliverability.

According to similar studies runned by cold email experts in various Facebook groups and on Twitter, the best email warm up tools are as follow: Mailshake, Lemwarm (which is part of Lemlist) and Reply.io.

The really cool stuff about Quickmail is that their email warm up is free (they have a free tier) which is ideal to get started with cold emails. Obviously, the quality of their email warm up doesn't rival the above but we do believe that you can still have good results with it.

Email Warm Up | Breakcold
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Is Breakcold an alternative to Quickmail that's worth it?

If your goal is to close more clients, you need to personalize your outreach.

Quickmail was a precusor in cold email outreach but is no longer following the rising trends of social selling to generate leads and close deals.

Cold email is not enough now, you need a full sales system to perform well.

Outreach is an alternative to Quickmail

Outreach is the alternative to Quickmail when it comes to large enterprises. If you have a gigantic sales team, then favor Outreach. Price would be significantly higher though on Outreach. Expect contracts around $100,000 a year.

Quickmail has different types of clients: agencies, startups, traditional SMBs. if you don't have the budget for a tool like Outreach, Quickmail is for you.

Sales Prospecting Course | Breakcold

Salesloft is an alternative to Quickmail

Salesloft is undounbtedly THE alternative to Outreach. Nevertheless, it can also be one to Quickmail. Salesloft is a solution way more expensive than Quickmail though and suits companies with a team of SDRs of +40 people.

Quickmail is not actively targeting enterprises accounts. Still, the tool can be a fit for SDRs or BDRs as they can use it individually and not for the whole team.

Changing Lists in the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

Outplay is an alternative to Quickmail

Outplay is an alternative to Quickmail when it comes to B2B SaaS specifically. Outplay focus more on being a fully-fledge sales tool.

Compare to Outplay, Quickmail is way more understandable as a cold email outreach tool.

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