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What is Mailshake?

Mailshake defines itself as a Sales Engagement & Automation Software.

This startup has been founded in 2015 by Bob Senoff, Colin Mathews and Sujan Patel who is the current CEO.

It is considered as one of the first tool in the sales automation space and is as a consequence a popular tool.

Mailshake seems to be a bootstrapped startup.

Mailshake intitally started with cold emails but later expanded to become a fully-fledge sales automation tool.

Breakcold, the alternative to Mailshake

Breakcold is a powerful cold email software like Mailshake but also has unique social selling and sales CRM features to generate leads and close deals faster.

Social Selling Company News in the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

A cold email software as strong as Mailshake

Breakcold was originally a cold email software. One of our users went from $1K/month to $20k/month using the cold email features of Breakcold, sounds good?

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

A better focus on personalization than Mailshake

With its personalized first lines, Breakcold users boost their open rate and reply rate to the moon! Really useful to save hours in personalizing your outreach.

Mailshake does have a few personalization features to help you personalize at scale your outreach though. They even purchased an AI tool called SHAKEspeare AI which is an Email Writer.

Our AI first lines are loved by our users, especially the website ones.

Cold Email First Lines | Breakcold

A sales pipeline to manage leads

Unlike Mailshake, Breakcold has a sales pipeline integrated within the software so you can focus on turning leads into paying customers. It's also fully connected with the social selling features to build relationships faster.

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold

Multi-channel sales outreach

If you want to go beyond cold email, you can with Breakcold without opening many different tabs. You can hyper-personalized LinkedIn or Twitter cold DMs easily from one place.

Multi Channel Sales Outreach | Breakcold

An email assistant to help you write better

Similar to Mailshake, Breakcold has an email assistant to help you write a better cold email copy. Avoid the use of spam words with our spam checker and much more!

Unlike Mailshake email assistant, ours will not write emails for you but rather guide you to build an email copy that get replies by following best practices.

Both Breakcold and Mailshake also have cold email resources to help you step up your game.

Spam Word Checker | Breakcold

A human-like email warm up similar to Mailshake

Compare to other email warm up services, Breakcold sends human like emails with its warm up tool. It's better to improve your email deliverability.

According to similar studies runned by cold email experts in various Facebook groups and on Twitter, the best email warm up tools are as follow: Mailshake, Lemwarm and

Breakcold complete this list with the bonus of having emails that looks like human ones instead of using generic words.

Email Warm Up | Breakcold
Transparency talk

Is Breakcold an alternative to Mailshake that's worth it?

If your goal is to close more clients, you need to personalize your outreach.

Mailshake thrived for years with their outreach tool at a time where it was easier to send many cold emails without personalization.

In 2022, personalization is now key and Mailshake understood that. Nevertheless, Breakcold's origin is personalization itself thanks to its AI first lines but also the whole mindset of the softwares.

Learning how to send lower volumes with better results is a Breakcold focus.

Outreach is an alternative to Mailshake

Outreach is the alternative to Mailshake when it comes to large enterprises. If you have a gigantic sales team, then favor Outreach. Price would be significantly higher though on Outreach. Expect contracts around $100,000 a year.

Mailshake is a perfect alternative when it comes to SMBs or startups with a much smaller budget.

Sales Prospecting Course | Breakcold

Salesloft is an alternative to Mailshake

Salesloft is undounbtedly THE alternative to Outreach. Nevertheless, it can also be one to Mailshake. Salesloft is a solution way more expensive than though and suits companies with a team of SDRs of +40 people.

Like for Outreach, Mailshake is a perfect alternative to Salesloft as small teams but also SDRs teams of +20 people can use Mailshake.

Cold Email Campaigns | Breakcold

Outplay is an alternative to Mailshake

Outplay is an alternative to when it comes to B2B SaaS specifically. Mailshake focus more on cold email outreach than Outplay though.

Compare to Outplay, Mailshake provides its customers with much more resources on how to get good results from cold email outreach.

LinkedIn Comment | Breakcold
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