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How can I find the email of my prospects for my cold email outreach?

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Email finder breakdown

What is an email finder?

An email finder software allows you to find the email of your prospect based on minimal informations such as first name, last name and/or company name.

Some softwares guess the right email address and other have large databases.

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Time saved
Stop loosing time to guess emails or collect them. With an email finder, build leads list in minutes.
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Valid email addresses
Email finder that focus on valid email addresses are obviously the ones to use.
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Free credits
Most softwares out there provide free tier. Use the free tier of these softwares if you don't have a budget.

Email finder with non verified email addresses

Most email finder softwares don't provide you with valid email addresses. They guess what could be the right email and give probabilities but there is still uncertainty. Some of these softwares are free but risky because if your emails bounce too much, your deliverablity will be affected. Beware of that.

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Email finder with valid email addresses

Some email sofwtares focus on valid email addresses. Most of the time, they also provide much more data than the email istelf such as the linkedin URL of the lead or the website. Such platforms are called sales data intelligence softwares. Some of the tools in the space are UpLead, or

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Email finder Q&A

Common asked questions email finder.

What email finder softwares do you recommend?

We recommend to focus on email finder softwares whose priority is valid email address.

Don't waste your time and energy with softwares which will make false promises. The objective is to have emails that don't bounce.

Therefore we recommend: as the reference or even though some of their data is a bit off sometimes.

How can I check manually if an email address is valid?

You can check manually if an email address is valid by putting it into gmail. By faking a send, you will see if gmail shows infos about your prospect like it does normally.

Email finder feature

Does Breakcold has an email finder?

Breakcold does have an email finder feature. From the first name, last name and company name we are able to find the valid email address. Sucess rate varies depending on the quality of the lead (ie small company or not, digital presence, etc).

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