Build a sales machine with a Sales Pipeline

Organize your sales cycle with a sales pipeline to boost sales

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Sales Pipeline | Breakcold
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Close deals

Sales triggers will occur when prospects reply to your cold emails so they move automatically in your sales pipeline. You can also build custom workflows with Zapier if you want.

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold

Create your ideal sales piepline

Build as many sales stages as you want to close deals. Breakcold also provides sales pipeline templates.

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Customize your sales pipeline

Names of sales stages, colors, almost everything is customizable in your sales pipeline. Buil what fit your needs.

Changing colors in the sales pipeline | Breakcold

Build your sales pipeline with a social media CRM

With the use of social media CRM integration features, build a sales pipeline that take into account social selling with LinkedIn & Twitter. Definitely the most complete sales pipeline for a modern lead generation.

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Sales prospecting

Why building a Sales Pipeline is key to increase sales?

Not having a sales pipeline is painful when doing sales prospecting. You need to track everything manually, generally with a Google Sheet. You cannot anticipate how much revenue you will make as well. Having a sales pipeline solves these problems.

Breakcold Q&A

Common questions about sales pipelines

Can I have multiple sales pipelines on Breakcold?

Yes, each prospects list possessed their own sales pipeline but you can synchronize all of them under the same general pipeline as well?

Do you provide any templates of sales pipeline?

Not yet, but we plan to very soon.

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