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Create unlimited cold email campaigns

Create as many cold email campaigns as you want and iterate until you find the perfect campaign that get you tons of replies.

Cold Email Campaigns | Breakcold

Always get replies with Follow-Up Emails

Follow-Up Email automation is a must for any type of cold email software. Send as many follow-up emails as you want.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

Always land in the inbox with an integrated Email Warm Up Tool

Email deliverability is key in cold emailing, boost your email deliverability with automatic email warm up emails.

Email Warm Up | Breakcold

Personalize conversations at scale with AI email opening lines

AI opening lines are cold email intro lines automatically generated by AI. Literally a game changer to save time on your cold email personalization.

Cold Email First Lines | Breakcold

Use Social Selling to turn leads into paying customers

Generate warm leads with cold emails and close them with social selling by doing account-based marketing.

Contacting A Prospect with the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

Improve your pitch with an email copywriting assistant

Breakcold's email assistant review your email copywriting before sending cold emails to boost your open rate and reply rate.

Spam Word Checker | Breakcold
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Do you need a Cold Email Software?

If you're looking for more paying customers, you definitely need a cold email software. It will help you spread with offer at scale without doing all the ground work manually.

Breakcold Q&A

Common questions about a Cold Email Software

What is the most important feature of a cold email software?

From our perspective, they are two:

How many emails can you send per day with a cold email software?

You can send unlimited cold emails per day with a cold email software. However, we recommend you to not send more than 50 emails per day per sending domain.

What kind of results can I achieve with a cold email software?

Sky's a limit, if you have a good offer, you can expect to close as much as $10,000 dollars within the first two months of your cold emailing journey.

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