Reduce your sales cycle time by 50% with social selling

Build relationships faster with your prospects on LinkedIn and Twitter, from one place

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Bond with prospects to be top of mind

Save countless hours going back and forth between platforms and softwares. Focus on sales prospecting, in one place.

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Build your sales pipeline with a social media CRM

Use Breakcold's prospecting feed wisely by building your own lists and tags to contact your prospects where they are in their customer journey. Breakcold is both a traditional CRM and a CRM for LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Use company news when contacting a prospect

When you're about to send a DM or a cold email to a prospect, leverage company news to add a layer of personalization to your message.

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Simon McNally

Company Owner at Singular Luggage

Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Growth Manager of Content at Firstbase

Rory Sadler

Co-founder @trumpet

Thibault Louis-Lucas

Co-founder @TweetHunter

Dagobert Renouf

Co-founder @Logology

Tarek Hassan

Area Sales Manager - Epos
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Social selling is the future of B2B sales

80% of your prospects hang out on social media. If you're not engaging with them, you're missing out. You can close deals faster, be top of mind, it fuels your demand generation engine.

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