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Don't open 3 different software or browsers to contact prospects

From one place, contact prospects in a multi-channel way via LinkedIn, Twitter and Email. You can also use the social selling part of Breakcold to like and comments the posts before reach out to get even better results.

Multi Channel Sales Outreach | Breakcold
Multi-channel prospecting software

What is a multi-channel prospecting?

Multi-channel prospecting is a sales prospecting method that pushes you to contact prospects not only via Email or Call but also by using B2B social media like LinkedIn or Twitter.

The goal is to have as many touch points as possible with your prospects so you can ultimately get a reply from them.

Breakcold Q&A

Common questions about our Multi-Channel Prospecting

What is the best performing multi-channel prospecting technique?

When you combine email and LinkedIn, you can have stellar results. Some people prefer to start with LinkedIn and others with email. At Breakcold we prefere starting to engage on the prospects posts on LinkedIn, then sending an email before ultmately reaching out via LinkedIn DMs.

Should multi-channel prospecting be automated?

In the past, many sales automation softwares tried to automate multi-channel prospecting. The problem is that it's most of the time not contextual enough to get satisfying results. That's why it's better to semi-automate the process.

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