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Verify your email addresses to avoid bounces

Say goodbye to emails that bounce with our email verifier. You can manually request for an email verification or Breakcold would do it on autopilot when you import a CSV.

Email deliverability feature

Avoid spam with an email bouncer

If you have to many emails that bounce, it can affect your email deliverability. That's why you need an email verifier to clean your prospecting list.

Breakcold Q&A

Common questions about our Email Verifier

Do you use a 3rd party to verify email addresses?

No, we have built our own algorithm for that.

Can you guarantee me that all verifications will be valid.

No, there's always a small margin of error when it comes to email verifications (under 2%).

By experience, the only case where emails could still bounce after our verification is when the inbox of your prospect is full.

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