Find valid B2B email addresses of your prospects.

With just a first name, last name and company name

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First name + Last Name + Company Name = email

From a LinkedIn URL, you can generate 4 different icebreakers (aka first lines) per prospect. Each sentence will be attributed to a particular data (bio, recommendation, awards and volunteering).

Email Finder | Breakcold

Find emails at scale with a CSV

You can enrich quickly the contact info of your leads with a CSV import.

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Email Finder

Why it's good to have an email finder integrated natively in a sales tool?

You save so much money by having an all-in-one tool for your sales prospecting. It's also very time consuming to changing softwares.

Breakcold Q&A

Common asked questions about our email finder.

Do you provide valid email addresses?

All the emails found are valid email addresses, they are not guessed emails.

We made a partnership with a third party to deliver a perfect all-in-one product within Breakcold.

Do you use a third party to find email addresses?

Yes, we partnered with a 3rd party email finder tool.

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