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Email Bouncer

Say goodbye to emails that bounce with our email verifier. You can manually request for an email verification or Breakcold would do it on autopilot when you import a CSV.

Custom domain tracking

Custom domain tracking is a setting that you can do to improve your deliverability. It's basically a DNS record that allows you to track the open rate with your own 'pixel' instead of sharing it with other users.

Custom Domain Tracking | Breakcold

Simon McNally

Company Owner at Singular Luggage

Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Growth Manager of Content at Firstbase

Rory Sadler

Co-founder @trumpet

Thibault Louis-Lucas

Co-founder @TweetHunter

Dagobert Renouf

Co-founder @Logology

Tarek Hassan

Area Sales Manager - Epos

Avoid spam with an email bouncer

If you have to many emails that bounce, it can affect your email deliverability. Always make sure to have this working well.

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