Instant cold email intro lines (icebreakers) from Website & LinkedIn URLs.

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LinkedIn Icebreakers | Breakcold
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LinkedIn cold email intro lines

From a LinkedIn URL, you can generate 4 different icebreakers (aka cold email intro lines) per prospect. Each sentence will be attributed to a particular data (bio, recommendation, awards and volunteering).

LinkedIn Icebreakers | Breakcold

Website cold email intro lines

From a website URL, you can generate 4 different icebreakers (aka first lines) per prospect. Each sentence will be have a different writting style.

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Mass AI import (Bulk)

If you have a CSV, you can generate in bulk the cold email first lines to use it in your email sequence. Count 30 minutes to generate 400 personalized lines.

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Multilingual first lines

New languages will be added step by step (Spanish is next).

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Email opening lines

Why automate cold email intro lines?

Cold email intro lines are essential nowadays to get replies in cold outreach but it takes times. Breakcold helps you save 80% of the groundwork to always personalize your outreach.

Breakcold Q&A

Common asked questions about cold email intro lines.

Can I modify the first lines generated?

Yes, you can easily modify the first line that has been generated by AI.

What happens if my leads have poor online data?

We don't do magic at Breakcold, lines will either not be generated or be of bad quality.

Should I consider the first lines for granted?

Never. Best performing sales teams are reviewing the lines to pick their favorites out of the 4.

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