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Evaluate your chances to get a reply

For each step of your cold email sequence you get a reply score to help you know wether or not your sequence has a chance of getting a reply.

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Write better with a copywriting assistant

From email length to personalization data points, Breakcold's email assistant guides you to book more meetings.

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Dodge +400 spam words

We've collected hundreds of spam words to help you avoid using them in your cold emails.

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Simon McNally

Company Owner at Singular Luggage

Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Growth Manager of Content at Firstbase

Rory Sadler

Co-founder @trumpet

Thibault Louis-Lucas

Co-founder @TweetHunter

Dagobert Renouf

Co-founder @Logology

Tarek Hassan

Area Sales Manager - Epos

Increase revenues with cold emails

Cold emails are extremely powerful to increase revenues. Yet, they are underused by most individuals, startups or agencies. Breakcold helps you reach your goal on autopilot.

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