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Interact with your B2B contacts via Email, LinkedIn & Twitter to close deals & increase customer retention.

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Track sales opportunities with unlimited pipelines

Track sales opportunities with multiple sales pipelines. Create 1 pipeline per type of customer. Know how much you have in your pipe and how much you've closed.

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Save +10 hrs/week by mananging Breakcold from +7 platforms

Save time on manual data entry. Manage your sales CRM from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Gmail, Twitter and other platforms with our Google Chrome extension. Create opportunities, manage deals or move leads in different lists from these platforms.

Stay top of mind using Social Selling within the Sales CRM

Engage prospects on socials natively within the Sales CRM without opening +1000 tabs a day thanks to an engagement feed. Regroup prospects LinkedIn and Twitter posts along with their company ones in one place, then like and comment posts to build relationships.

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Send Emails, LinkedIn & Twitter messages from 1 place

Once you've engaged with warm prospects on social media, shoot them a quick Twitter/Linkedin DM or an Email to stay top mind. Get inspired from prospects' posts and hyper-personalize your messages without doing a groundwork prospect research.

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Auto-sync email conversations & social interactions

Create tasks/reminders for yourself or your team. Then see rapidly everything that happened for each B2B contact (notes, messages, emails and social media interactions such as likes and comments.

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Sales CRM integrations and much more

Connect your stack to Breakcold

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Finally enjoy using a Sales CRM software

Say no to B2B standing for 'Boring to Boring'. Make it fun, enjoyable for yourself, your prospects and customers.

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