Breakcold vs. Mailchimp

Simple-to-use, unlimited team members, LinkedIn & Twitter integrations – at a similar pricing than Yesware

Trusted by 100+ companies for their sales prospecting & social selling

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Breakcold, the alternative to Yesware

Breakcold goes beyond sales prospecting compare to Yesware with the use of Social Selling on LinkedIn & Twitter. That way, Breakcold helps you generate leads and close deals in our modern sales environement as B2B sales is evolving.


Breakcold has more Social Selling features & unlimited team members.

Yesware pricing is per user

About Yesware

Yesware Story

Yesware defines itself as a way sales teams do meaningful email outreach at scale.

Yesware was founded in 2010 by Matthew Bellows, Rajat Bhargava and Cashman Andrus.

Yesware is a popular email outreach tool in the United States. They were really early in the cold outreach movement, as a result they take many shares into the market.

Is Breakcold an alternative to Yesware that's worth it?

If your goal is to close more clients, you need to personalize your outreach.

Yesware is a solid cold emailing tool, however its personalization features are not enough in 2022. You need to go the extra mile with powerful first lines to even get your emails opened.

Yesware Pricing vs Breakcold Pricing

Yesware is a sales tool designed for teams who use Salesforce and Hubspot a lot. That's why it doesn't have any sales CRM features compare to Breakcold for a similar plan. So if you're using one of these CRM, it might be a great option. The CRM integration is in their $65/month plan though.

Try Breakcold!Ready to try an alternative to Yesware?With this Yesware alternative, Saif went from $1K/month to $20k/month