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Why should you use a CRM for Tax Professionals?

Tax returns only happen at certain moments of the year. You need a CRM to re-engage them with your services.

Manage B2B contacts and build a sales pipeline

When it's not the tax period, tax professionals should try to warm up or acquire new customers by using a sales pipeline.

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold

Build B2B relationships faster with a prospecting feed

To grow with your clients and their needs, you need to retain them. Good tax advices are not enough, you need to build strong B2B relationships with your clients.

Social Selling Company News in the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

Contact prospects via LinkedIn, Twitter & Email from one place

Growing the business is important but you need to stay focus on giving the best tax advices and filling correctly tax forms. That's why Breakcold regroups all modern communications channel under one.

Multi Channel Sales Outreach | Breakcold

Send follow-up emails to warm & cold prospects

While you're focusing on understanding new tax legislations and amendments, your cold email campaigns are automatically running for you to get more clients.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

Other features included for Tax Professionals

CRM features for Tax Professionals

CRM for Tax Professionals Q&A

Common questions about CRMs for Tax Professionals?

Why your CRM is better for Tax Professionals?

One of our 2 co-founders was a Tax Attorney. In his previous life, he understood how important it was to manage a business over just being good at taxation.

What are the use cases of a CRM for Tax Professionals?

Breakcold CRM for Tax Professionals can be used to:

  • generate new clients for upcoming tax deadlines
  • remind existing clients about some new tax legislations concerning them
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