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Why should you use a CRM for Startups?

A CRM for Startups allows co-founders and sales teams (BDRs & SDRs) to close deals faster. They can engage and contact prospects faster which results in an ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) increase.

Manage B2B contacts and build a sales pipeline

As a startup, you need to stay organized and build a sales pipeline to grow MRR and closing new deals. Breakcold is a startup too and we hated current startup CRMs so we built a simple B2B contact management system.

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold

Build B2B relationships faster with a prospecting feed

To make the difference to grow your ARR/MRR, you need to build relationships with potential customers but also with on-going deals as well as existing clients.

Social Selling Company News in the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

Contact prospects via LinkedIn, Twitter & Email from one place

As a startup, you goal should be to save as much time and energy switching softwares. We tried to solves this problem with multi-channel outreach inside one software.

Multi Channel Sales Outreach | Breakcold

Send follow-up emails to warm & cold prospects

It takes the average startup sales representative between 5 to 16 follow-up to just get a call with a prospect. Sales automation is a must for startups and Breakcold does it too.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

Other features included for Startups

CRM features for Startups

CRM for Startups Q&A

Common questions about CRMs for Startups?

Why your CRM is better for Startups?

Breakcold CRM is better for Startups because we are a startup ourself and were frustrated by current solutions on the market. Therefore we built a CRM that suits startups by including LinkedIn & Twitter to build more relationships a it makes a huge difference to close new MRR.

What are the use cases of a CRM for Startups?

Breakcold CRM for Startups can be used to:

  • work as a startup sales teams without having to pay thousands of dollars for a CRM software.
  • find unique leads by scraping Twitter profiles of your competitors and enriching the data with valid B2B email addresses.
  • send cold email sequences at scale to grow MRR fast for pricing plans under $30 per month.
  • manage contacts in a modern way by leveraging LinkedIn & Twitter without opening numerous tabs a day.
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