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Why should you use a CRM for Influencers?

Wether you are a B2C or a B2B Influencer, managing relationships is key for your growth and to drive more revenues from your activity. If you want to get to the next level, you need to use a CRM.

Manage B2B contacts and build a sales pipeline

As an influencer, it's key to build strong bonds with other B2B (or even B2C) influencers. That way, you'll grow together. You can use a sales pipeline to structure your relationships building process.

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold

Build B2B relationships faster with a prospecting feed

When you're an influencer, it's hard to engage with other creators on Twitter and LinkedIn. As a micro B2B influencer myself, I know. That's why we've built this multi-channel sales outreach feed.

Social Selling Company News in the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

Contact prospects via LinkedIn, Twitter & Email from one place

Stay productive in your influencer workday and reach out to other creators, influencers or brands with a multi-channel outreach tool.

Multi Channel Sales Outreach | Breakcold

Send follow-up emails to warm & cold prospects

Send bulk emails to your network or brands that you want to work with. You can also use follow-up emails to send campaigns to your mailing list.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

Other features included for Influencers

CRM features for Influencers

CRM for Influencers Q&A

Common questions about CRMs for Influencers?

Why your CRM is better for Influencers?

Breakcold CRM is better for influencers, especially B2B influencers who want to be active on both Twitter and LinkedIn to drive more business out of their personal brand.

What are the use cases of a CRM for Influencers?

Breakcold CRM for Influencers can be used to:

  • build a personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • create more relationships with existing Twitter and LinkedIn connections
  • reach out to brands with cold email campaigns
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