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Why should you use a CRM for Accounting Firms?

Accountants need a CRM to manage their clients but also to manage relationships with peers. Having a CRM allow you to accelerate your sales cycle and deal flow before every accounting period.

Manage B2B contacts and build a sales pipeline

Get the people you met online or in real life meeting at your accounting firm into a sales pipeline. It's not because you had a meeting with them that they will become customers.

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold

Build B2B relationships faster with a prospecting feed

Most of accountants clients nowadays are active online, especially on LinkedIn. Business owners are hanging out on LinkedIn, you should engage with them to stay top of mind so the day they need an accountant, they'll come to you.

Contacting A Prospect with the Prospecting Feed | Breakcold

Contact prospects via LinkedIn, Twitter & Email from one place

As an accountant, you're not an influencer or a salesperson and so you must save time going back and forth between sales channels.

Multi Channel Sales Outreach | Breakcold

Send follow-up emails to warm & cold prospects

Generate leads at scale for your accounting firm with automated email sequences. You can send as many emails you want per day with multiple email accounts.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

Other features included for Accounting Firms

CRM features for Accountants

CRM for Accountants Q&A

Common questions about CRMs for Accounting Firms?

Why your CRM is better for Accountants?

Our CRM allows accountants to build relationships faster with their existing clients and prospective ones on LinkedIn by easily aggregating the news about their network.

What are the use cases of a CRM for Accountants?

Breakcold CRM for accounting firms can be used to:

  • send email campaigns just before the accounting period
  • send emails to notify customers of tasks to carry out
  • build more relationships with peers and prospects on social media
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