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A short breakdown

What is is a sales automation sales engagement platform.

This startup has been founded in 2014 by Oleg Campbell. raised a Seed round on March 17, 2016 and bootstrapped ever since. enable sales team to get the best out of their sales outreach.

A better focus on personalization than

With its personalized first lines, Breakcold users boost their open rate and reply rate to the moon! Really useful to save hours in personalizing your outreach. Competitor

An email assistant to help you write better

Like, Breakcold has an email assistant to help you write a better cold email copy. Avoid the use of spam words with our spam checker and much more! Alternative

A human-like email warm up similar to

Compare to other email warm up services, Breakcold sends human like emails with its warm up tool. It's better to improve your email deliverability. also has one of the best email warm up in the market. Alternatives

Breakcold, the best alternative to

Compare to, Breakcold focus on personalization. From personlized first lines to a human like email warm up service, everything has been thought to boost email deliverability and thus reply rate. Top users touch +88% open rates and +30% reply rates.

Cold Email | Breakcold

Outreach is an alternative to

Outreach is the alternative to when it comes to large enterprises. If you have a gigantic sales team, then favor Outreach. Price would be significantly higher though on Outreach. Expect contracts around $100,000 a year.

Salesloft is an alternative to

Salesloft is undounbtedly THE alternative to Outreach. Nevertheless, it can also be one to Salesloft is a solution way more expensive than though and suits companies with a team of SDRs of +40 people.

Outplay is an alternative to

Outplay is an alternative to when it comes to B2B SaaS specifically. Outplay focus more on cold email outreach than Reply though.

Transparency talk

Is Breakcold an alternative to that's worth it?

If your goal is to close more clients, you need to personalize your outreach. is a fantastic tool, but because it does many things, it cannot nail the personalization part like Breakcold does.

What matters is the number of replies you get from your sales automation tool, not how many messages you can send from different channels.

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