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Lemwarm alternative
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A short breakdown

What is Yesware?

Yesware defines itself as a way sales teams do meaningful email outreach at scale.

Yesware was founded in 2010 by Matthew Bellows, Rajat Bhargava and Cashman Andrus.

Yesware is a popular email outreach tool in the United States. They were really early in the cold outreach movement, as a result they take many shares into the market.

A better focus on personalization than Lemwarm

With its personalized first lines, Breakcold users boost their open rate and reply rate to the moon! Really useful to save hours personalizing your outreach. Therefore the email warm up of Breakcold use tailored first lines when warming up your email domain compare to Lemwarm.

Lemwarm alternative

A human-like email warm up compare to Lemwarm

Compare to other email warm up services, Breakcold sends human like emails with its warm up tool. It's better to improve your email deliverability. According to similar studies runned by cold email experts in various Facebook groups and on Twitter, the best email warm up tools are as follow: Mailshake, Lemwarm (which is part of Lemlist) and Reply.io. When it comes to email warm up services, it's non-existent on Yesware which is unfortunate because it plays a huge role in the email deliverability process.

Lemwarm alternative

An integrated spam checker on both Outlook and Gmail

Unlike Lemwarm, Breakcold has an integrated spam checker to test instantly your email deliverability with different email providers such as Outlook or Gsuite.

Breakcold, the best alternative to Lemwarm

Unlike Lemwarm, Breakcold focus on personalization and goes the extra mile with human like warm up emails.

Cold Email | Breakcold

Mailreach is an alternative to Lemwarm

Mailreach is a fantastic alternative to Lemwarm and also sends human like warm up emails!

Warm up Inbox is an alternative to Lemwarm

Warm Up Inbox is the cheap alternative to Lemwarm. The quality of the email warm up is a little bit inferior to the one of Lemwarm (which doesn't buy emails to create his tool compare to Warm Up Inbox).

Warmbox is an alternative to Lemwarm

Warmbox is an excellent and premium alternative to Lemwarm.

Transparency talk

Is Breakcold an alternative to Lemwarm that's worth it?

If your goal is to close more clients, you need to land in the inbox of your prospect and not into spam.

Lemwarm is arguable one of the best email warm up service out there. However, their user of random words is not human like and might be sometimes detected by Google alorithms as non genuines emails.

Breakcold email warm up tool solves that with human like emails.

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