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What is (now Close) was founded by Steli Efti in 2013. They are bootstrapped but they went to Y Combinator. early growth came from the portfolio of YC.

Since then, Close grew the team to more than 64 people and is now a well-known Sales CRM software often used as an alternative to Pipedrive. Close, like its name, is very sales driven, if cold calling is your thing, Close is for you.

However, if you believe that closing deals in 2023, not in 2013 is about building relationships via Email, Linkedin & Twitter, Breakcold is for you.

Breakcold, the Sales CRM alternative to

Breakcold is a new type of CRM: a Social Selling CRM.

What does it means? It means that Breakcold combines the powerful features of a traditional sales CRM like (with a sales pipeline) but also has LinkedIn CRM integrations to build relationships faster with prospects.

Breakcold allows you to close deals in 2023, not in 2013.

Lead view feed | Breakcold

Close lacks of LinkedIn & Twitter integrations

To close deals with a Sales CRM in 2023, not in 2010, salespeople need to build relationships with prospects on B2B social media like LinkedIn & Twitter.

Breakcold allows you to quickly aggregate the activity of your prospects on social media so you can engage with it easily.

Multi Channel Sales Outreach | Breakcold

Close cold email sequences are less powerful, compare to Pipedrive is our opinion a better software. However, both sales crm software lack of a true cold email software integrated.

Breakcold was initially a powerful cold email tool, that transformed itself into a full integrated social selling crm.

If you want to generate leads and close them in one tool, you're in the right place.

Cold Email Sequence | Breakcold

Close charges per user

Close's business model is to charge per user. While it's a good method to make profit, ii doesn't suit all kind of B2B startups and small businesses. If you want have a big team, their $99/mo plan can quickly be super expensive.

At Breakcold, we don't charge per user, you have unlimited team members. If you have 20 members, you won't pay more. It's really cost efficient while keeping a powerful software (for example Crisp in the live chat software industry).

Sales Pipeline | Breakcold
Transparency talk

Is Breakcold an alternative to that's worth it? was founded in 2013. They have tons of experience in the Sales CRM industry. They gave countless of sales tips on their youtube channel as well. But the world of sales is changing, we're not longer in the mid-2010°s.

At Breakcold, we're all about innovation and building the software with our users to help you close deals in 2023, not in 2013.

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